Our Staff

Pastor Tom and Sheri March – Lead Pastor

About My Family

God has blessed us with a great family!  Watching what God is doing in the lives of our four children, and currently, eleven grandchildren (did I really say eleven?), is a huge joy!  Little doubt to me that children are God’s gift.  I like being together and listening to, and entering into, the banter, laughter, and joy of relationship with them.

On My Bookshelf

are books that challenge me to be the best believer and pastor I can be to glorify the God who changed my life and caused me to know and understand what real life is. I also enjoy a good spy novel now and then just cause I’ve always liked it when the good guy wins!

In My Spare Time

I enjoy being home with my best friend and wife Sheri! We were married in 1977 and it was the best thing (other than my faith in Jesus) I’ve ever done!

On My iPod

I love music and listen as often as I can. Digital music is awesome!!!

Faith Story

Jesus found me in 1979 while working for General Motors in Lansing.  He led me to become a pastor in 1980 and it’s been an incredible ride!  The longer I seek to follow God the more I realize He’s incomparable in His grace, love and mercy!  He has blessed my life in so many ways that demonstrate to me that He is God!  Now as I begin what might be called the second half of my life, I look with anticipation of what He has in store.


Pastors Roger & Arielle Haysmer & Family – Worship Pastor, Youth Pastor


I am very excited about being on the team here at Tecumseh Assembly of God. I truly love to lead Worship in the church and see the glory of God come down and rest on His people. But to me Worship is so much more than singing a few songs. It is a life style that is totally engulfed in and around Jesus. Worship is not just something we turn on like a switch; it is how we live every moment of every day.

I love helping people express their love for the Lord through song and helping them connect with God through worship. I am humbled by the fact that God has called me to work with His church, and I am so honored to serve not only God; but this great community. My prayer is that God would change us, mold us, and use us for His glory and honor. Amen!

My Testimony

I was raised in the church from three years of age, but I never really pursued a relationship with God; He was just an insurance policy to me.  At about the age of 13 I decided I was bored with church and thought I did not need it anymore; I thought it wasn’t important. This lead me down a path that eventually lead to a life that was completely saturated in drugs, alcohol, and immorality. The church is the place where we can be apart of the Body of Christ; part of a family that helps each other out and can strengthen each other and hold us accountable. Without it I was all alone. The funny thing about sin is that it does not come at you all at once. It’s a slow progress of giving into small temptations at a time; and before you know it you find yourself  in a place you always said you would never go. When I was 21 years old I decided to turn my life back over to Christ. I wasn’t at church when I did, I wasn’t at some crusade, I was alone in my parents basement. God is always with us, no matter where we are we can always turn to Him and He will answer.  And as soon as I prayed to Him the voices of satan were gone and I had peace in my heart; and all those addictions and chains in my life were gone. There is power in the name of Jesus, and when we truly call out to Him amazing things begin to happen.

I felt the call of God to go into music ministry in 2006, a year later I put my call into action and left my home in Cadillac Michigan to study at Central Bible College in Springfield Missouri where I received a Bachelors degree in Contemporary Worship Leadership. Now I have continued to follow the call of God to Tecumseh and I can’t wait to see what He is going to do here.